Save 1 .5 Gallons* of clean water per shower using WaterScoop

Have you noticed how much clean water goes down the drain in your shower while you wait for the water to warm up? Its a lot. On average about One and a Half Gallons of water is wasted. To help collect this water, we have designed WaterScoop. WaterScoop will attach to most types of shower heads and make it easy to collect the water. A built in temperature sensor in WaterScoop will indicate water is warm so one can stop collecting and begin showering.  Look at the video demonstration of the prototype below.


Suggestions on how to use water you saved:

•   Water House Plants or garden

•   Fill the washer when doing laundry

•   Rinse dirty dishes before putting them in dish washer

•   Use it in a bird bath helping thirsty birds.



waterScoop from innovsis on Vimeo.

Patent Pending.

Calculations Based on saving 1.5 gallons of water per shower per person.
Amount of water saved in a week:  10.5 gallons per person
Amount of water saved in a month:  46.5 gallons per person
Amount of water saved in a year: 546 gallons per person.

*Amount of water collected will vary depending on various conditions  and not limited to : temperature setting of water heater, size of house and capacity of water heater tank,preferred shower temperature and outdoor weather conditions.