gather_logo_outlinedMay 2012.INVENTION HUNTERS: ‘ Recap ;Shakin it Up’ on the Food Network.The Invention Hunters are Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg who know everything about the marketing of new products. They share their ability and knowledge with inventors who have good ideas to share with the world. Read full article here.

inhunters_logoMay 2012. FOOD NETWORK: EZ Sandwich box shown on the Food network show Invention Hunters.Three inventions – The Pour Sure, The Vibrating Blender and The E-Z Sandwich Box. are all being given an opportunity to make their inventors very rich, but it’s up to Invention Hunters Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg to make it happen. Read full article here. Watch Promo.ihunters_greenberg

Patrick Raymond and Steve Greenberg watching the EZ- Sandwich Box in action on the show.